As a parent, do you ever catch yourself saying...'Kids today are so different. When I was a kid, we never...'

Well...our advice to you is simple: As a parent, you need to get over that. Of course kids today are different. When you were a kid, your environment was different from the generation prior.

Our Super Skills Leadership Classes is the perfect program for parents that are looking to provide their children with an inspirational environment to step away from the crowd. Here at Super Skills, we are in the business of instilling practical leadership skills into kids of all ages. With the many challenges facing this next generation, quite frankly, it's takes an army to create the leaders of tomorrow. 

  • Is your child a bit nervous to step away from the pack and do the right thing? 
  • Does he or she lack the necessary motivation or work ethic that is going to be necessary to success in the future? 
  • Do you sense they are headed down the wrong path and could use a bit of additional guidance?
  • Or, are they a natural leader that is looking for an outlet to grow their current skill level?  

Whatever the case, this is the program for you. Each 2-hour class is held once per month in the Beaverton area.

Stay tuned for more information on this fantastic Super Skills program!